“Simple, powerful and straight to the point are the keys.”  – Chui Ling


Speak with Clarity with Chui Ling

It’s all about simplifying and getting your messages across clearly.

When? 25 July 2015
Where? Theatre Lounge, Plaza Damas 3, Sri Hartamas

It was an early morning but participants of the first-ever Speak with Clarity workshop with Chui Ling were punctual and eager to get things started.

What is Speak with Clarity?

In short, Speak with Clarity is a fast-paced and well-knitted workshop that teaches you in simple steps how to speak with clarity, credibility and confidence. Anyone can speak. Anyone can tell a story. But, are you getting your messages through to your audience? Are there blank faces staring back at you? A sure sign that they have no clue what you’re talking about!

That’s the reason why Chui Ling started this Speak with Clarity Workshop. Being in the business of communication for almost two decades, she truly understands the importance of CLARITY when it comes to speaking.

“Simple, powerful and straight to the point are the keys,” she said.

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In this interactive and practical workshop, participants learned how to craft their content by tackling the 6 stimuli of neuromarketing. When you are able to “convince” the “decision-making centre” of the brain, you will make your audience to click the buy button.

Of course, theory is just theory; therefore the best way to learn and hone your speaking with clarity skills to through practise. Hence, part of the tasks for workshop participants required them to craft and share their stories in a clear and precise way. It was a great experience as the workshop really unlocked the potential in many of those who attended that day.


Text & Photos by: Carol Lin, School of Charisma

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