The well established and leading players in their industry, the young and upcoming upstarts, kick-ass women entrepreneurs, you’ll find them in the newest edition of the Malaysia Book of Records Business Edition 2017.

Old Town Berhad
Andy Goh
Executive Director

After having modernised the traditional kopitiam restaurant, Andy Goh, Executive Director of Old Town Berhad, is now taking on the e-commerce landscape with his newest venture, MeCan Mall. An online platform where you can set up your own business network, MeCan Mall provides budding businesses a zero cost entry to start and grow, as well as existing businesses an additional platform moving into the future. MeCan Mall 顾名思义 “我可以” 即人人皆可创业。一个 “零资金” 與  “共享” 的网络平台:借运、借势、借人力、借人脉、借时间、借品牌。一个win-win的平台給商家與消费者。实现 Save & Earn、Share to Earn 的终极目标。

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