Ah Niu is a household name in many major Asian countries. But his road to fame wasn’t easy. This singer, song writer and actor was only popular in Malaysia and Singapore in late 1998’s. But a twist of fate and luck saw him suddenly shoot to super-stardom.

11 Malaysian icons. 1 dynamic host. Their stories. Join Chui Ling and her guests as they share with you their ups and downs on their road to success.

Episode 9: Ah Niu

Tan Kheng Seong, or better known as Ah Niu, is now a superstar in his own right. Back in 1998, Taiwanese superstar, Richie Jen, reworked one of his songs to sing, causing it to become a hit overnight. Since then, Ah Niu has seen his career expand to Taiwan and other major Asian cities. In 2001, Ah Niu started venturing into movies and starred in Para-Para Sakura with another Hong Kong superstar, Aaron Kwok. Not contented with just acting, he also started directing and produced the Malaysian hit movie, Ice Kacang Puppy Love in 2010. Riding on this popularity, he launched his first solo concert in Malaysia on 28 February 2015 with Richie Jen as his special guest!

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