How do you create a sustainable business? How do you know if your ideas will work? We all have a lot of these similar questions. Perhaps some of them were answered when you followed the recently completed Boss Rescue on Melody FM Morning Boss. Perhaps some weren’t.

Thus, Melody FM, together with Success Resources and School of Charisma decided to bring the successful Boss Rescue radio show to life with a physical conference. The inaugural Boss Rescue Conference 2015 is an extended seminar version of “Boss Rescue” and brings together bosses from various industries under one roof to share with you tips and experiences on running a business.


Full house at the Boss Rescue Conference 2015

The crowd was up early that day and by 8am, there were already throngs of people registering at the front desks. The organisers were indeed overwhelmed by the response and extra seats had to be added to the conference hall to accommodate all the people who showed up!

School of Charisma was on stage twice. Once, with Chui Ling and the Melody FM Boss Rescue finalists, who shared what they learned from the Boss Rescue contest. The second session saw Datin Winnie Loo, Chui Ling and Steve Wee take the stage again as they shared tips on how to win people over with charm in their session entitled “Be Charismatic and Shine”.


Chui Ling and the Boss Rescue finalists


Chui Ling, Steve Wee and Datin Winnie Loo

Other speakers that day included  Jin Tan, Sky Chan, Richard Tan, Peng Joon and Lai Chee Hoe.

The Boss Rescue Conference 2015 held on 18 April 2015 at the Primiera Hotel, Kuala Lumpur was jointly organised by Success Resources, School of Charisma and Melody FM.

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